Textkreisel Nichtstun (en.)

Textkreisel Nichtstun, sculptural idleness, performative literature, 2014. The self-contained “Textkreisel Nichtstun” (Text Gyroscope Idleness) evolved as an autonomous work alongside the project StadtkomplizInnen realised with theaternyx at Kunstmuseum Lentos. In its intended indefinedness this non-economical text debates idiosyncratic structures, anti-ideology, theory beyond common modes of application of texts and a playful gestus of the poem: The extended territory of text reaches from Menschengedichte to variations of the haiku to a quasi-theoretical concealment in a weekly structure and word cascades. The text has not been edited and therefore swings between form and function, between theory and poetry.

Textkreisel Nichtstun, TanjaB

Textkreisel Nichtstun, TanjaB

Nichtstun_Week 2_Lentos Kunstmuseum

Preperatory Poem




The feeling: I think I´m spinning the wheel


Playing in an institution

Suddenly a zone of idleness

Idea for mise-en-scène

Isle for Writing

(with a view at the Danube)

As a connection to the harbour

As a river course and stream

Traffic stream

The view outside

Panorama window

Proposal for distraction

Essential question

Can we also meet

In order to do nothing

An honest idleness

Says Claudia

C … and what it takes to be honest

Contrary to anything else

To busyness

To meditation

To ideology


Day 1, Friday / Lentos, Week 2 /

/ Menschengedicht

Verena Henetmayr

Gerlinde Roidinger

Susanne Maier

Birgit Schwamberger

Marion Klimmer

Luis Wohlmuther

That´s us!


/ Tracking

The house chitters, heavy eyes, exhale noisily

Whistling in the ear

Am I the one that whistles or is it the house

Who´s got the tinnitus

Due to stress

Now the house is humming

I gain weight

Can you also do nothing while standing

Or only when you have the feet up


Sleeping at the Lentos


Art becalms

Usually it keeps you busy

I rest in an unsupervised corner

in idleness

And notice


I meet my sister´s ex

Occasionally he works over here, helps with the buildup

I have to laugh, that coincidence

As I realise

That my own ex uses to work here as well

on a permanent basis


Not only houses

I look down, through the cracks

Clean house, but down there it isn´t

House clean, ex sober

I take notes, so that I can discharge them, from my brain

Just like at home, where I raise from the couch, to take notes, that it does not exercise a burden on me and on the couch. Luis is asleep. Four-days-of-writing-on-the-book before. Exhaustion. Sleeping camp. Gerlinde has moved and now sits somewhere else. Bring newspapers with me tomorrow? At half past noon some action starts. Heavy eyes. Exhale. Not forget to insert the dots: Else it says: Eyes exhale. Cross out, gonna do that at home, destroy the notes.

A silent movie, that´s what it´s like. Write with the left hand. Memory about primary school. Yesterday. And about Grandma, who only attended primary school, before her escape. (This part has been written with the left hand)

When we hang around it looks all so beautiful

From above

House is working

Looking outside the house

Casually left again.

A raindrop geometry on the panorama window.

A curtain of drops. Dry spots beneath the tables.

Le pleurre? (How do you write it?) blare. It blares. My Grandpa. Rings. Signs. Cross it out. Look into it. Texts. Suddenly being an object or so. No idea whether it is us or them who observe. In any case, I write it. Down.

It is difficult to rise

A black sky

Behind the church tower

We look

On behalf of the others

Suddenly the un-social visages

Looking around everywhere

Like observing.

Though we are the ones observed

By humans and by a camera.

But the funny thing is: Even the video tapes

Descend into the void after three weeks.

/ Reflex

Let´s start into idleness, into actively doing nothing

Let´s do nothing – Come on!

Start into levelling down, debating about it later

Pleasant experience, sharpen the perception, but no imperative

Calm and conformist – that´s what there is also, not only excitement

Conversation about shoes at the elevator as intermezzo, Birgit, casual epistemology:

Ruminating about whether form is a necessity, or nothingness is sufficient, at least for something

Collective idleness is a necessity

Apart from that: The houses are still there, as noticed by Markus, I mean, the yearning is huge.


Day 2, Saturday / Lentos, Week 2


/ Menschengedicht

Susanne Maier

Dorit Ehlers

Reinhard Winkler

Gabi Hiti

Ursula Witzany

Elfi Ruprecht Porod

Karin Hofer

That´s us

/ Tracking

I rested well at first, then again tired behind the eyes. Heavy, so heavy. And There Is A Space Behind Your Eyes. There Is The Sound. Again those heavy eyes, and hungry. Conversation with Pichler, as I leave the room. Getting nervous. In the basement I see a poster with the Last Days of Mankind, an installation with rats, I read about it. That rat stuff annoys me, no wonder. Remember, how it works with attracting attention. A classic, animals, sadism – voila. Art. The contrary to what I am able to do and what I want to do. I am in the last room today. I notice the sculptural element of the idleness group (strength). A couple of people join us, visitors of the museum. They stay for twenty minutes, they become a part, a part of the sculpture. A pink interconnection, strong: little dots on the floor, two sweaters, Manner bag. Things to take from yesterday: Wired to Timing, „stress“ at the beginning. The question is like observing. But the big thing of today is: Again, the sculputural element. No words. Sometimes, when looking at single persons: It is like going by train without going by train. Is but a short glimpse – since: The group is the thing. Larger. The group carries. I think of myself inside this whole, as a quasi-object that thinks in all directions: What a messdance out of things we did and we did not do, that we imagined and did not imagine, what a relationship to the others, what a quasi-art object.

/ Reflex

Sculptural day – my so-called QuasiKunstobjekt. Eclectic between activity and idleness. Literarian interjections. Looking at each other. Or outside the window. Then, silence again. Then, some words again. I think about this construction as a quasi-art object, as a collective made of things and objects, from references, ideas. I think about this construction as a collective made of persons and thoughts, rats, the rat populations in my head, a spider in its net outside the window. I think about this collective of things, but also take projects and things undone into it. Also those things undone, or not present, or not visible affects the hybridity of people and objects, is maybe even its primary expression. The formation of hybridity in this room, of people, things, things done and undone, ideas and intellectual constructs means hidden complicity with idleness. With an open solution.

Day 3, Sunday / Lentos, Week 2 /

/ Menschengedicht

Miriam Bajtala

Christoph Wiesmayr

Susanne Blaimschein

Sabine Funk

Ines Häufler

That´s us

/ Tracking

Morphogenetic Fields. An experiment about rat behaviour. As soon as a single rat knows something, all rats in the world do. What do rats know about art? If there is something as communication of unarticulated experience (Objection: The private face is serious, or: the social face is jovial, smiling? The rat face is like? Who knows? … they probably hate humans, and I would understand it, how does it actually work, in the human realm again, that this accumulated criminal mess, that has been accumulated by man, does not have more severe consequences), then complicity in idleness means: That it is about a hidden relationship work. It is nothing. It is anti-ideological. It is peaceful. Complicity without end and purpose. Not even representation of interests or lobbying, in a classical sense. Idleness vs. Lobbying. A different kind of lobbying. Refusal. At least temporarily. To do something is always ideological. We don´t do ideology, that´s the point. We deny the ideology of activity and that other stuff, the ideology of relaxation as well – of the permanent half-activism alongside the flows of work/life balance. We do not want to proclaim something, no salvation of any kind, we aren´t the project board that wanders like talking clouds. As for the practical part: Great disquiet in idleness at the beginning. Only a few visitors. I sense that individuals may be wrestled down into idleness – or wrestle themselves down. And, apart from any thoughts: I´m feeling really bored today. I suddenly understand that idleness exists – even if I announce a thousand times that I breathe nevertheless or that my heart goes on. Of course, nothing else is dead. But there is idleness, I have learned it today, regardless of being active or doing work: It works – to do nothing. There is something painful to it, an insecurity. Waiting. For something. Insight: Idleness is not being on a mission, no matter whether it is a mission set up by other or by oneself. I even refuse my own mission? And in the end it is the fallow that nevertheless has to be tilled. That´s ok. And in between I think: avoid the mistake of going into inner emigration too soon.

What does the room carry



To act with it


It becomes an installation


Mutual observation

And surveillance


That it is low-threshold

Is a fact

And a parody upon a fact

If low-threshold is doing nothing

Then low-threshold ceases to mean anything

Super demanding it is on the other hand

And even more than that

/ Reflex

Inhabitating Animals






Bears Monkeys

Feelings of happiness

Seeing spiders

Not being afraid

But laughing

Inhabitating Animals


Idleness is not being on a mission

In the fallow land of activity

The question that haunts us

becomes marginal

not even becomes an issue

becomes buried at best

maybe it sprouts somewhere in time



Smoking as taking a break

Forget about the break

when not smoking

Hence smoking excessively


Day 4, Tuesday / Lentos, Week 2 /

/ Menschengedicht

Günter Mayer

Peter Hanusch

Boris Schuldt

Martha Kniewasser

Claudia Dworschak

Viktoria Schlögl

Marion Hackl (?)

Claudia Mader (?)

Times up


That´s us

/ Tracking

In the morning being overrun by a car (nearly)

Then two more troubles with cars

Think about the trilogy of quasi-art objects

And the thing with memory with idleness

That I can´t remember it right now

The stress, that all needs to be at hand

Instead of cultivating a come and go inside the mind

This haiku-thing, now I got it

Three times multi-layered haikus

Cluttered haikus

Like repainted by Rainer

For instance an overworked Jesus

Perfidious job-enrichment

Against monotony at the assembly line in former times

Now a part self-exploitation

Only for the best of all, for all

By golly!

17 prime number, level 8, multiplied with factor 3

Now I know where the haikus derive from gazing into the void. /

Art and (the) art of production need to remain foreign to us!

That supports me in (inner) distance and demanding the basic income./

I´m fed up with

Done with

Idleness-Breathing. Exit.

A low-threshold extreme experience

how eternal, fantastic, uplifting.

Idleness: Anti-ideological

Collective idleness: Extreme experience, isn´t it?

Idleness is like walking on tracks or going by train without a train.

I understand the slow ganzing into the void. It is it is it.

The long gaze isn´t ideological. It is a paradox.

It is about an object of art, that feeds off many things.

That simultaneously says yes and no

(and in my head it whispers: Don´t be afraid of a new manifesto)

An art object, that

Simultaneously says yes and no

An object, that

Simultaneously says yed and no

A narration, that

Simultaneously says yes and no

A performance, that

Simultaneously says yes and no

Something like self-experience, that

Simultaneously says yes and no

A production, that

Simultaneously says yes and no

Distinct protest, that

Simultaneously says yes and no

Resistance, that

Simultaneously says yes and no

A psychological state, that

Simultaneously says yes and no

Complexity, that

Simultaneously says yes and no

An art object, that

Piles up the binominal principle of our yes-no combinatorics of decision into 0 and 1

Multilayered decisions of yes and no, of 0 and 1, that´s how we live





Then the project of idleness emerges

That says no to ideology (that says yes and no to it)


An art object, that

Simultaneously says yes and no

An art object, that says yes to art and no

That says yes and no to narration

That says yes and no to performance


Not a haiku 1

Double fields

Woven accomplices


In between us a web

Of interwoven nothingness

The spider´s in there as an observer

(like the ocular of a camera)

It also

Hidden relationship work

Prison. Muscle exercises after it. Waiting for the outside. Go!

I look outside the window and there are two people painting / the boat. Nearly need to cry. How moving their meaningful intention.



Not a haiku 2

Suffering is enormous

Like out from that that is

Duration is important

two hours good

And what is all that

A deployment


Is it sufficient that the individual is carried by the group

Or the question:

Can we meet, in order to do nothing?


/ Reflex

Hardly any motion

Not even moving

First place last place





Sleep (an escape)

A happy ending

Two intensive phases

In the meantime for instance

Memorations of a long journey

Many guests

Intense density

Been very productive myself

Great understanding of myself

Hardly any post-ist

Nothing needs to be said

how fine and how parallel

to the art of Tino Segal

Magnus is finished

Not without purpose gazing at animals

Markus would prefer trees

Somehing I understand

They´re hanging trunks over there





On the final day

Like going to work

Yet a talking cloud

I am my material

Widely ramified


Something has risen

And any other theory of creativity

And the art context

A o of deconstruction

Can be hooked in there

We do not perform

Distance and design

Oh my god, ist nothing!

World distance and world design

Longing for oh my!

Inbetween nothing

I is irrelevant

In secession


I am in my third person

In dissolution of self I have already been

Afterpoem to anti-ideology:

The entrepreneurial selfs

With their immanent double narrative

from total self-actualisation

and a narrative of suffering



sit at the bargaining table – in silence

It is about breaking through a style of communication

That consists of a deep entanglement of economy and emotion


Oh my God – ist nothing!

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