Bloodproof of Life (en.)

The Bloodproof of Life was a collective art action with your lifeblood.

At STWST / Stadtwerkstatt Linz, 8.-10. Sept 2023 in coop with Ars Electronica.


Stadtwerkstatt gives you back your Lifeblood – Come and get it!
At the end of the AI moratorium, in the last summer before the total cloud, STWST transforms your lifeblood into a collective art event.

In the middle of a room about the beating humanist heart, professionals sit to draw your blood. Doctors take the small amount of 4 ml of blood from volunteers who still feel obliged. The vial is closed by Stadtwerkstatt. The process is assisted and confirmed by the additional cultural initiative You get your vial of lifeblood back in a multiple proof as a transformed and certified blood-to-art object. Then you then sit down in front of a camera that records and confirms the authenticity of your vial of blood, YOUR authenticity and your participation in the collective lifeblood project.

The proof of participation in the collective Herzblut-Lifeblood project is also provided by a blockchain, which also provides another PROOF OF LIFE. Your Lifeblood has thus become part of a collective art action and art edition. So anyone can not only be an artist for 15 minutes, but become part of the collective lifeblood blockchain FOREVER.

We invite artists, critical producers, programmers, theorists, colleagues, the audience of STWST48 and the entire Ars Electronica – in other words, every part of the system of art, society and technology – to ask the question of what life is.

It is about lifeblood as a resource, about inner operating systems of engagement, about a manifesto against the beating and smashing forces of capitalism, about tempered blood in the midst of the cold-warm turn of the Anthropocene, about a counter-phantasm in cold transhumanism.

Or even quite personally: life takes your heart blood every day. Tell us what was taken from you and from whom, from the world, its capers and catastrophes, from your friends, your job, Google, Amazon, Microsoft or even the STWST or your own cultural association itself – everyone wants Herzblut … and WE will give it back to you, at least on these two days.

Is your life alive? Come by!



The Bloodproof of Life ran as part of STWST48x9 COLD HEAVEN, in the Stadtwerkstatt Linz.


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the Bloodproof of Life is a project of Quasikunst – Quasikunst in STWST context: