Nik, the Sleeper ()


Nik, the Sleeper

SF Exploitation / Performative Installation

A fragmentary perceptual space and body that combines pulsed textual content, diffuse imagery, states of self-forgetfulness, alienating afterglow effects, reduced movement. A connected unconsiousness and observing postglow of mind-mining and self-fracking.

The sleeping body as an organ of thought, a connected consciousness as a network, a sleeping land beneath the waking state, the sleep of the many as an entity: Nik, the Sleeper is a spatial sci-fi exploitation story told in scraps of text. Nik deals with body, consciousness and technology. It engages in historical debris research on electricity, for example, and points to a techno-future as a potentially larger, connective unconscious network. Between algorithmic underground consciousness and self-fracking, however, the installation swallows almost all of its content. A fragmentary perceptual space emerges that combines pulsed textual content, diffuse imagery, states of creativity and self-forgetfulness, elements from regular sleep measurement, alienating afterglow effects, and elements of reduced movement economy.


As Pulsed Text

Nik Dreams of the Dead Artists:

Nik, the Sleeper, Minus 8


As Text Panel


Thank you for publishing this manifesto. I read that the artists are now dead. Another loss. Too bad about the artists. One has to say goodbye to them. But often what was said about them had nothing to do with what they did or thought anyway. They were interpreted and placed to avoid too much contradiction. Today, we produce objects that create less dissonance.

Sitting in the Nirgendwo

Skepticism about entropy itself

Indirect work

in the interior

Making meltdown objects

from Egomantel reinforced concrete

reverse reading direction

and extract opinion like crude oil

it’s still the content, stupid

and sometimes still go out

Instead of art now

deal with rocks

and anti-gravity

with plants and radiation

increase contradiction

and from brushwood and thoughts

make a TOE

Seize the means of contradiction of

Die Welt ist alles, was Zerfall ist

Die Welt ist alles, was einem einfällt

With the Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything

and the Connection with Everything

and the Physics of Relationships

with Beautiful, Strong and Electroweak

settle under the Golden Peak

and personify the system E8


(Plus: Nik dreams in german language)



Some pictures and staging of Nik, the Sleeper: here and here (scroll down).

An associated text on the project/artist appeared in Versorgerin 135:
Postglow Cinema – The Green Ray by Georg Wilbertz.

Tanja Brandmayr, 2022

Project shown at  STWST48x8 DEEP. 48 Hours Disconnected Connecting.

Tanja Brandmayr (AT) is artist and writer and has been working for many years and in different contexts between text, media, staging and art. Art and context research Quasikunst in cooperation with STWST. Also editor and author for art and culture magazines. Lives in Linz/Austria.

First Photo: Astrid Benzer