Post Glow Cinema (en.)

Nachleuchten / Gegenwelt-Kino is research and reflection in which content consisting of light, rhythmization and image fragments are projected onto an afterglow surface. Motion sequences and text are explored as prototypical cinema with afterglow properties.

Projection surfaces, interior and exterior relations, questions of consciousness, materiality and media are thematized. It is about screen, light and content in phosphorescent cinema mode. Phosphorescence describes a quantum physical effect in the excitation of light: In the interaction of the components, a quantum cinema is created here, in which the light surfaces in the high-energy mode change back to a low-energy level by emitting the photons previously absorbed. With and in this afterglow, short scenes of body presences are shown in diffusivity, inversion, or as an early chronophotography image quotation. At stake in the digital paradigm shift are fundamental questions about what kinds of form/content even transition into what is often called “immersive” in a technology context. But what does actual immersion mean? with Postglow Cinema we’re making the auratic technology shine. Blurriness instead of hyperreality.

Post Glow Cinema, Tanja Brandmayr and Astrid Benzer, ca 7 min

The Post Glow Cinema was shown as a prototype in summer 2021 as part of electropixel 11, at the invitation of APO33 at Plateforme Intermedia in Nantes/F. In September 2021, the Post Glow Cinema will be shown at the Stadtwerkstatt as part of STWST48x7 OUT OF MATTER.