I hang the world around me


I Hang the World Around Me
4 Text Panels & SF-Exploitation on the Net

Four text panels telling in a short SF narrative of the departure from Earth and the failure of terra-forming on the new planet. In an undefined departure and descent, and with remnants of meaning and textual references we move away from a World as we know it. We breathe in contradictions. The overall context as organ of thought, syntax beyond language, perception as transformed and pulsed rhythm, understanding as a disconnected connection: In a technologized and rationalized world, catastrophes are looming, while people are entangled in pseudo-fights and confronted with EVERYTHING in daily life and also on foreign planets. It becomes more and more difficult to make sense at all. What to do?



A picture fragment that circles around itself in a residual orbit of self-knowledge.

Serious Deep Shit




I Hang the World Around Me


At first glance, a commodity seems to be a self-evident, trivial thing. Its analysis reveals that it is a very intricate thing, full of metaphysical subtleties and theological quirks. As far as its utility value is concerned, there is nothing mysterious about it […]. It is clear to the senses that man by his activity changes the forms of natural materials in a way useful to him. The form of wood, for example, is changed when it is made into a table. Nevertheless, the table remains wood, an ordinary sensual thing. But as soon as it appears as a commodity, it is transformed into a sensual supersensual thing. Not only does it stand with its feet on the ground, but it turns itself upside down in the face of all other commodities and develops crickets from its wooden head, much more whimsically than if it began to dance of its own free will.

Crickets dancing

Wooden Table Movement

Single human experience

at – minus 273 degrees °

At the edges

of the personal world

Right wrong dance movement

In the impure form-disaster

In the old finely balanced system

Of cultivation and decultivation

In the Critical Culture

of the right-left political dyslexia

in the equation

of the Scuola Recursiva

In the splitting off | reversal

of the Totalia Reversia

How we are thrown into the world, there forward

In the wood-breath, in the flight-unconnectedness

Exploding backwards forward

Like the *F* Benjamin angel

And become the gas-table upside down

Which without any gravity

begins to dance

whirling and spinning

in the gas

and undergrowth universe

Like Reverse Trees

That only want to go away


I Hang the World Around me is part of the Science Fiction Exploitation Nik.
A work-in-progress project, created as a pulsed text on the web (german+english):



I Hang the World Around Me


The mystical character of the commodity does not arise from its use value. Nor does it arise from the content of the determinations of value. […] It is a physiological truth that [the useful works or productive activities] are functions of the human organism, and that every such function, whatever its content and form, is essentially the expenditure of human brain, nerve, muscle, sensory organ, etc. […] In all states the working time, which the production of food costs, had to interest man […]. Finally, as soon as people work for each other in any way, their work also receives a social form. […] Where, then, does the mysterious character of the product of labor spring from as soon as it assumes commodity form?


With mathematics empathy

flying into the future

With the body of the day after tomorrow

Land on the new planet

With brain, nerve, muscle etc

Working on the Symm-Asymm-Anthropology

Push the imbalances from 1 to ∞ 1000

Push down

With high potency electricity

Digging into the untouched surfaces

Using self-efficacy magnetism

Form several 10,000 single-flat cores

In dissolved holes

Eating strong/weak power

In the deep flour book

Starve for basic income

Spill the e°mofactor

While self-fracking

Dreaming of white goods

Waiting for a better to come

No memory

of the work product


I Hang the World Around me is part of the Science Fiction Exploitation Nik.
A work-in-progress project, created as a pulsed text on the web (german+english):



I Hang the World Around Me


How would we express the marvelous ability of a living organism to delay decay into thermodynamic equilibrium (death) in terms of statistical theory? We said: It feeds on negative entropy by drawing a stream of negative entropy towards itself, so to speak, in order to balance the entropy increase which it causes by its life and thus to keep itself at an even and rather low entropy level.


Dark Night Remote

Remote Critical Essential

Drunk Attitude Up

Indifference Immaterial Down

Access Circular Below

Double Mental Metal

Cleats Emergency Light Negative Space

High-End Exit Interference

Understanding Remembering Sleep

Without Words Terra-Forming

Nature Culture Knocking Out

Ore Liquefaction Steel

Sand Quartz Desert

Airplane Blowing away Slipping

Burying Kern Core

No chance to come back to the surface

No chance to come back

Only more high frequency highly accelerated

Everything waltzes in the Large Hadron Collider

At the end fun steel bath kawumm


I Hang the World Around me is part of the Science Fiction Exploitation Nik.
A work-in-progress project, created as a pulsed text on the web (german+english):



I Hang the World Around Me



Thank you for publishing this manifesto. I read that the artists are now dead. Another loss. Too bad about the artists. One has to say goodbye to them. But often what was said about them had nothing to do with what they did or thought anyway. They were interpreted and placed to avoid too much contradiction. Today, we produce objects that create less dissonance.

Sitting in the Nirgendwo

Skepticism about entropy itself

Indirect work

in the interior

Making meltdown objects

from Egomantel reinforced concrete

reverse reading direction

and extract opinion like crude oil

it’s still the content, stupid

and sometimes still go out

Instead of art now

deal with rocks

and anti-gravity

with plants and radiation

increase contradiction

and from brushwood and thoughts

make a TOE

Seize the means of contradiction of

Die Welt ist alles, was Zerfall ist

Die Welt ist alles, was einem einfällt

With the Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything

and the Connection with Everything

and the Physics of Relationships

with Beautiful, Strong and Electroweak

settle under the Golden Peak

and personify the system E8


I Hang the World Around me is part of the Science Fiction Exploitation Nik.
A work-in-progress project, created as a pulsed text on the web (german+english):



Quotations used, text blocks above:

Text plates 1 and 2, text blocks above, quoted from Karl Marx: Das Kapital. Critique of Political Economy. Volume I. Book I: The production process of capital.

Text panel 3, text block above, quoting from Erwin Schrödinger: What is Life? – The living cell viewed through the eyes of the physicist.

Text panel 4, text block above: Nik, the Sleeper. Dream of the dead, unknown artist. Can also be found here on these pages: Nik, the Sleeper.


Tanja Brandmayr, 2022


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The texts on „I Hang the World Around Me” published in German language in: 

perspektive 112 | 113 „golden:spike“, Autumn 2022


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