Minus werden (Become minus) (en.)

(Become minus) was shown as a Minus Art installation at STWST48x9 COLD HEAVEN at STWST Linz in Sept 2023.

A sculpture made of waste is immersively connected to screens in a laughable way.

The servers scream. // The manifesto of dead artists. // I feel sorry for the air. // Your brain freezes at minus 273 degrees.

Minus art, imagination as material, Gesamtkunstwerk not finished, absolute zero, quantum game show, computer consciousness, art at minus 273 degrees, immersion irrational, cognitive criticism, the edges of the rational world, right = wrong, any other questions? I like Trees, AI and Human Rights. Expect nothing from the Art Piece. You will find the Minus in yourself.


More docu material: https://stwst48x9.stwst.at/en/minus_werden_become_minus

More Quasikunst-Kontext: https://newcontext.stwst.at/en/projects/quasikunst/start